Beast Soul ~野獣魂~

ギター弾き語りのバスキングで生計を立てながら車椅子で世界中を旅している日本人ミュージシャン。 BEAST SOUL(野獣魂)の通り、いかつい風貌から出る聴く人の魂を奮わせる力強い歌声を是非とも聴いてみてください。                                   Japanese while making a living by Busking of guitar playing talking have traveled around the world in a wheelchair musician. As BEAST SOUL , Please listen by all means a strong voice to wielded the soul of the people who listen to out of the rugged appearance.




  • Nori

    Vo. Gt. Harmonica

    With a guitar and a harmonica, it is a wild beast system musician, paste of beast Seoul which do a trip while playing the world with a unique style to be called a wheelchair, and talking, and doing it.

    Approximately seven years ago, I have suffered the handicap that disorders such as the numbness remain on the left foot total abolition and the half of the body in the accident of the car, but,

    in a positive thought to originally have , and to be, I play the culture of people of the world and the various country with the style that learns power of the music from the cause including music freely every day somewhere of the world and talk.

    It is seven countries now as of (January, 2016).
    I finally aim at the activity as a professional musician in the country where I wanted to live in most while going round the countries where oneself wants to go to slowly by ten years.
    I gradually increase the original songs and I become a CD in each country and am going to gradually perform downloading sale.

    Right or wrong acquaintance!



感謝のあるばむ / Album of gratitude

大分県で即席ユニットとして「ひしゃくタマ」と「Beast Soul Nori」である”のりたま”の配布限定アルバムを作成。

Create a distribution limited album as instant unit as "Hisyaku Tama"& "Beast Soul Nori" is "Noritama" in the Oita Prefecture.